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Expert Travel Money Tips

travel moneyWe all love holidays. But how many people can say the say about sorting the holiday money, dealing with ATM charges, exchange rates or travel insurance?!

Our guides to everything travel money are designed to save you a few quid on your travel money, meaning you’re left with more in your pocket to enjoy your holidays.

Prepaid Credit Cards – What are They and How do They Work?

Prepaid credit cards are a cross between a debit card and a credit card, bearing some but not all features of both. Unlike a debit card, these hybrid cards do not deduct funds from the card-holder’s bank account; and unlike a credit card, they must be loaded prior to purchase with the card-holder’s own money, since they do not allow purchases to be made on credit. …

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Travel Cash Safety Tips

It’s a sad but true fact that even in the safest places in the world local criminals target holidaymakers as easy marks with fat wallets full of fresh foreign currency. Just to put this in context, few places are worse for for this than London where the frequency and severity of crimes against tourists is bordering on an epidemic.

If you’re travelling to a country for the first time, even …

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Travellers Cheques – Yes They Still Exist, But Do They Have Any Advantages?

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes- you can still get travellers cheques! In the age of electronic finance and money management it does seem a little strange that travellers cheques are still commonly used but clearly plenty of people still prefer them so let’s have a look.

How do travellers cheques work?

Like travel cash you buy travellers cheques from foreign exchange brokers like American Express …

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The Smart Guide to Foreign Exchange

Whenever you change money between currencies you lose money. Not very smart.

Our advice on foreign exchange is about damage limitation and helping you get the most from your travel cash. Believe it or not it’s actually possible to make money transferring cash between currencies- there’s a whole subset of investor who make a mint trading on the forex market. The problem with foreign exchange comes when you …

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