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Five Money-Spinning Ways to Recycle Clothes

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Many of us have huge money stores just waiting to be tapped into. All we have to do to access them is walk upstairs and throw open our wardrobes. Hanging before us is likely to be a stash of garments we once loved and some we never even wore. They cost money, plenty of money, but they are also worth something. And if you know how to move them on, you could be amazed by how much you make.

There are several money-spinning ways to recycle clothes and here are five of the most popular:

1. Online Buyers

Online buyer websites represent the quickest method of recycling and selling your clothes because they actually want to buy them.  You don’t have the hassle of finding buyers, listing items, photographing the garments or run the risk of having to refund the money should a buyer not be happy with the purchase.  Online buyer websites send couriers to collect the clothes so that’s another saving and there are no commission fees, so you get all of the money.

2. Boot sale

Great way to sell a few garments and interact with other car boot sellers; you get to meet new people and have a morning out.  The disadvantages are many in that if the weather is bad it won’t be a very comfortable selling experience, if there aren’t many serious buyers there your sales will be low and you are unlikely to sell all of your items on one boot sale so it could take a long time to make money in this way. has a useful database of sales in your local area.

3. Auctions

You will have an interesting day out but you will probably need to put your clothes into one lot or at the most, two lots.  Clothes can sell well at auctions if they are of exceptional quality or brand new but a major disadvantage is the auctioneer’s commission which will eat into your profit.

4. Online selling

If you have good internet skills you can sell on the internet on sites like eBay but the process can come with some problems.  It takes time to sell on the internet, because you are waiting for the right person to visit the site who is looking for your exact item.  If someone else has a similar item listed, theirs will sell first.  In addition if the buyer has a complaint invariably you have to refund the money because your reputation will suffer and future buyers may be deterred by negative comments made by an unhappy purchaser. That said this is a hugely popular choice and if you have popular items you should be able to shift them.

5. Clothes party

Sometimes known as Swishing, you can invite friends and neighbours round to your house and get them to buy your clothes at set prices or bid on them.  The advantage of this method is that you can catch up on local gossip and have some fun.  The disadvantage is that you are unlikely to charge your friends what the clothes are really worth so you won’t make so much money, and it will cost you for refreshments.

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