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Can You Still Save Money Doing a Booze Cruise to France?

The so-called booze cruise, whereby British people make a short trip to France to stock up on alcohol, is still very much in operation. Of course, the major factor that affects the amount of people doing booze cruises is the relative strength of the Euro compared with the pound. A year to 18 months ago, there was a mini surge in the booze cruise phenomenon, mostly down to the Eurozone

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Buying Kitchen Appliances on a Budget

Buying your kitchen appliances on a budget might seem as easy as seeking appliances at the best prices, but this isn’t always the best way of doing things. To truly run your kitchen appliances on a budget, it’s best to look at the long term cost of the appliances you’re buying.

By seeking appliances with the best energy ratings, you can save yourself money in the long run; less efficient …

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Five Money-Spinning Ways to Recycle Clothes

Many of us have huge money stores just waiting to be tapped into. All we have to do to access them is walk upstairs and throw open our wardrobes. Hanging before us is likely to be a stash of garments we once loved and some we never even wore. They cost money, plenty of money, but they are also worth something. And if you know how to move them on, …

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UK Digital TV Subscriptions – How Do They Compare

Digital TV has been overhauled in recent years, taking advantage of new technologies and launching new features. As well offering a range of channels, some of which are in HD, many digital TV subscriptions also offer hard drive recording, live pausing, catch up streaming via broadband and premium channels. Freesat, YouView, Top Up TV and Sky are some of the UK’s most popular digital providers, and their features and …

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Deal Zippy ( – Money Saving Site of the Week

In the first of our new weekly features showcasing the best UK money saving websites the spotlight is on daily deals comparison site Deal Zippy.

Daily deals can be a great way to save money if you use them to buy things which you would have brought anyway (rather than just for splurging on luxuries!) but one of my biggest annoyances with Deal sites like Groupon is the excessive …

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Top UK Cashback Websites

Cashback websites are one of the most simple but effective online ideas – shoppers who access a retailer’s store via the website will receive money as a reward for linking from the cashback website.

The most popular and best paying websites offering cashback will link to retailers that sell products from insurance to groceries.…

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