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My Parcel Delivery ( – Money Saving Site of the Week

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In our money saving site of the week features we bring you UK websites which, in our opinion, genuinely help you to save money either on things you need to buy or luxuries. This weeks feature definitely falls under the former category. Parcel Delivery for most people isn’t something you need to use often and when you do, it generally inconvenient and expensive. My Parcel Delivery is a sort of price comparison site for parcel delivery services which might help you make the process a little less painful and, most importantly, cheaper!

First a little about the parcel delivery business. The big courier firms like UPS, TNT and City Link’s core business is large contracts with companies who send a LOT of parcels. Because they prefer to service these big clients and aren’t so interested in the general public who send a parcel here and there (and generally use up a lot of customer service resources) these courier firms charge far more to the general public than they would to a company who’s sending thousands of parcels every year.

Discount courier services like My Parcel Delivery buy in bulk from the courier firms, giving them access to cheaper rates, and then sell part of the discount onto low volume customers.

As a general rule of thumb when trying to save money you should avoid going through middlemen as they usually push the costs up by taking a cut. Essentially that is what happens with and other services like it, but in the case of parcel delivery you’re going to struggle to match the bulk sender discounts negotiated by the middlemen if you went direct to the courier themselves.

Lets take a look at the site;

Fill in the form and click the get quotes button – see it? Its massive and green!

The process of booking your delivery is pretty simple. The homepage of has a quote form where you fill in where your parcel is getting picked up from, where its going to and how big it is. You’ll need a pretty accurate idea of the size and weight of the box before you use this service. I can imagine if you say the box weights 5kg and when the driver comes to collect it its actually 10kg that would cause issues.

You should then get a bunch of quotes for different types of delivery i.e. next day, next day before 12, 2-3 day etc. For UK deliveries ‘Next day delivery’ seems to be the standard and offer the cheapest rate.

So 12 quid (including the VAT) to ship next day with City Link. That doesn’t seem to bad- if you go to the City Link site you’ll see there’s no option of sending a single parcel, they only deal with bulk senders.

Citylink don’t sell direct to the public

Now for UK delivery probably the best alternative service equivalent to the quote below would be with the Royal Mail next day delivery (via ParcelForce) which would cost you £13.83 + VAT – so you’re still saving about £5 or 50% on a standard UK parcel with next day delivery.

Once you’ve chosen a service you’ll need to fill in the details of your parcel, pay online and the courier firm will come to collect the parcel from the address you specify.

My Parcel Delivery also lets you book international deliveries which is where the service is likely to save you the most money. If you’re an eBay seller they’ve also got a tool which integrates with eBay to help you find the cheapest delivery services for each item you send – maximising the amount you can make on each auction you run.

The only criticism of MyParcelDelivery (and other broker style parcel delivery services like it) is that you are going through a middleman rather than dealing directly with the courier company. That means your contract is with the broker, rather than the courier themselves which could be seen as both a positive and negative – on one hand, you’re dealing with a smaller company who wants to impress with their customer service, on the other you ultimately have less security than you might if you went direct to a courier firm. Simply because if the company was to go out of business overnight your delivery might not happen.

For the most part though, if you’re sending parcels, and aren’t happy with the rip off rates of the post office and direct quotes from courier firms then My Parcel Delivery could be a big money saver.

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