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Deal Zippy ( – Money Saving Site of the Week

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In the first of our new weekly features showcasing the best UK money saving websites the spotlight is on daily deals comparison site Deal Zippy.

Daily deals can be a great way to save money if you use them to buy things which you would have brought anyway (rather than just for splurging on luxuries!) but one of my biggest annoyances with Deal sites like Groupon is the excessive volume of emails you receive when you sign up with them. Join Groupon and they’ll send you a different email for every city you’re interested in and another one for travel deals and shopping deals. It’s fine at first, and even exciting if you see deals which you like, but it soon gets tiresome to have to delete stacks of email every time you login to your webmail. If you sign up with more than one site then the problems compounded.

This is why we like Deal Zippy, it sucks up all the offers from different deal sites and sends you just one email each day (or week if you prefer). And when you setup your account you choose what sort of deals you want to receive.

Deal Zippy claim to be working with over 30 deal websites in the UK. All the main ones like Groupon, Living Social, eBay and KGB Deals are covered as well as a lot of smaller sites which you may not have come across like Wowcher and Mighty Deals.

A deal email from Deal Zippy A deal email from Deal Zippy

Even with the option of filtering out deals you’re not into I do still find a lot of the stuff I’m sent I would never be interested in so you do still need to hunt through the emails to find deals which you would actually use. One thing I do really like on the site though and find quite addictive is the travel section which lists absolutely loads of discounted hotel breaks.

The travel section of Deal Zippy The travel section of Deal Zippy

Realistically this section is probably going to end up costing you more money than it saves but if you’re planning a weekend away anyway and don’t know where to go then its likely you’ll find a decent offer here (think valentines day gents!)

All in all Deal Zippy is a great little website for anyone who wants to take advantage of daily deal offers without the email spam!

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