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What are the Cheapest Vans to Insure?

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If you are considering purchasing a van for commercial reasons, there are a number of things that you will need to take into consideration. In addition to the cost of the vehicle itself and the suitability of the van, you also need to think about the cost of running it, which in turn means looking at the cost of insurance.

It is often worth taking the time to find out more about commercial van insurance before you make any commitment with regards to the type of van you buy. The cost of cover can vary quite dramatically from one type of van to the next, so if you want to cut the cost of insuring your vehicle it is often worth looking into van insurance beforehand.

How the cost of van insurance is determined

You can get vans in a range of designs and sizes these days and the choice you make will, in part, determine how much you pay for your van insurance. Vans fall into one of a number of groups and the group that your van falls into dictates the amount you pay for your cover. Some of the factors that are considered when deciding on the van’s insurance category include:

  •       The size of the vehicle
  •       The engine capacity of the van
  •       The value of the vehicle
  •       Ease of repair
  •       The security levels on your van

If you have a van that is small and less risky to drive, has solid security, is easy and cheap to repair and is of a reasonable value, you will get more affordable insurance coverage. If you have a van that is large and at greater risk of accidents, has little security, has high value and is likely to be costly to repair or replace, you will generally pay more for coverage.

Base categories for vans

Many insurance companies start off with five base categories when looking at insurance groups for vans. These include:

  •       Car based vans: These tend to be the same shape and size as cars but the back window is often filled-in. There will be room in the back of the van in the area where the back seats would normally be.
  •       Micro vans: These are around the same size as a medium car but are shaped like vans rather than cars.
  •       Small vans: These are a little bigger than a car and usually have double doors at the rear.
  •       Panel vans: These are medium sized vans and the model that most people associate with the classic ‘white van’.
  •       Large vans: These are designed to carry much larger loads and may come with a double axel at the rear.


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