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Money Saving Ninjas (previously Money Saving Idiot is a UK consumer finance website designed to help ninjas like you save money on complicated financial products and services. We specialise in making the art of saving money on everyday purchases, financial products and travel easy to understand – helping to save you money by making you a smarter shopper.

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While we try our best to give you good advice, please be aware we’re not regulated or authorised by the FSA or any other body, so take what we say with a liberal pinch of salt, shot of tequila and squeeze of lemon. We take no responsibility for any money, hair or lovers you lose as a result of following our advice so please bear this in mind when reading any articles on You should also know that while our advice may change over time, sometimes our articles might not catch up – we make ever effort to keep our information up to date but again, can’t be held accountable for outdated advice which might no longer be relevant.

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